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Supu - Soups  

Supu ya Viazi Tamu na Mshumaa
A blend of sweet potato and coconut milk, infused with a hint of lemongrass.


Supu ya Malenge
A rich and spicy pumpkin based soup with coastal spices enhanced with a dash of fresh cream.


Supu ya Mkia wa Ng’ombe.
A simple clear ox-tail soup served with a chunky piece of ox-tail.


Supu ya Kitunguu
A traditional brown onion soup!


Saladi ya Wakulima


A salad with an intriguing fusion of textures and flavours of lettuce, mango and sesame seeds;

  • With strips of beef or chicken

Saladi ya Kienyeji                                    
Inspired by the traditional potato salad comes this salad of arrow roots, sweet potatoes, apples, onions and cashew nuts; drizzled with yoghurt based Blanco’s dressing topped with roasted cashew nuts.


Saladi ya Firigisi
A signature Blanco’s salad of grilled chicken gizzards, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce
dressed with chilli vinaigrette.


Saladi ya Mboga
A light salad of cucumber, carrots, onions, lettuce with fresh lemon juice dressing.

Vya Motomoto - Light Biting  

Mishikaki ya Blanco’s
A combination of traditionally skewered beef, lamb and chicken marinated Blanco’s style.


Mbavu za Kitimoto

  • Grilled pork spare-ribs marinated in Blanco’s marinade and ketchup served
    with a BBQ sauce.
  • Engineer Rege style- pork spare-ribs grilled and sautéed in a tomato sauce.

Mabawa ya Blanco’s
Grilled, moist and succulent chicken wings, marinated with a special Blanco’s kachumbari marinade.


Sahani ya Samosa

Select from our variety of scrumptious samosas;

  • Spicy Beef  with a kachumbari sauce
  • Spicy Chicken  with a mushroom sauce .
  • Spicy Fish  with tartar sauce.
  • Green grams and Sweet corn  with kachumbari sauce

Vipande vya Samaki wa Nazi
Fish fingers dusted in desiccated coconut and deep fried served with tartar sauce.


Cutlesi ya Samaki
Blanco’s mildly spiced fish cakes served with tartar sauce.


Kamba ya Blanco’s (300gms)                                                                                             

King sized prawns chilli bread crumbed and served with tartar sauce.
Vya Kuchoma - Grills  

Sarara ya Ng’ombe
Moist and tender grilled fillet steak, served with Blanco’s special creamy mushroom sauce or peppercorn sauce.


Sarara ya “Kitimoto” (Mbuzi Ulaya)
Grilled pork fillet, served with mango and coconut sauce; best served with mashed potatoes.


Mataya ya “Kitimoto” (Mbuzi Ulaya)
Grilled pork chops, these are moist and tender inside served with barbeque sauce.


Mataya ya Kondoo (300gms)
Grilled Molo lamb chops served with a mint and garlic sauce.


Steki ya Ng’ombe (300gms)
Blanco’s prime T-bone steak served with peppercorn sauce.


Tikka Spesheli ya Blanco’s
Chicken leg (drumstick & thigh) marinated in a special Blanco’s tikka marinade and grilled to succulence.


Kamba wa Kuchoma (300gms)
Succulent grilled king prawns marinated in tamarind, garlic, ginger and lemon juice and served with Blanco’s sauce; on shell recommended.


Samaki Mzima
Blanco’s well marinated and deep fried whole sea or lake fish; please ask your waiter for the available options. 


Sarara ya Samaki.
Your choice of either tilapia or red snapper fillet pan fried, deep fried or grilled with garlic butter; served with your choice of the following sauces;

  1. Coconut sauce                           
  2. Tartar sauce
  3. Blanco’s Special Sauce        
Lemon and butter sauce

Sinia la nyama choma
From the grill comes this exciting platter with an assortment of pork ribs, lamb chops, beef ribs, beef brisket and chicken wings with a freshly made vegetable salad; this platter serves two.


Sinia la baharini
This seafood platter comes straight from the Indian Ocean with a selection of deep fried or grilled sea fish, calamari, crab claws and king prawn with a red cabbage salad.

Tusker Malt  
White Cap Lager  
White Cap Light
Windhoek Lager  
Smirnoff Ice Red  
Smirnoff Ice Black  
Guinness Stout  
Sierra Blonde  
Sierra Amber  
Sierra Porter  
Assorted Sodas  
Diet Coke  
Tree Tomato  
Mixed Juice Cocktail  
Energy Drinks  

Keringet (1 litre)  
Keringet (0.5litre)  
Keringet Sparkling  
Dasani (1 litre)  
Dasani (0.5 litre)  
H20 (1 litre)  
H20 (0.5 litre)  
San Pelligrino (1.5 litres)  
Captain Morgan Black Label  
Captain Morgan Spice Gold>  
Kenya Cane  
Lambs Navy Rum  
Malibu Coconut  
Malibu Mango  
Myers Rum  
Absolute Vodka – Blue  
Grey Goose Vodka  
Skyy Vodka  
Smirnoff Vodka – Blue  
Smirnoff Vodka – Red  
Stolichnaya Elit  
Bombay Sapphire  
Gilbey’s Gin  
Gordon’s Gin  
Tanqueray Gin  

Hunters’ Choice

J & B Rare  
VAT 69  
Famous Grouse  
Famous Grouse – 12yrs  
Clan MacGregor  
John Jameson  
John Jameson – 12yrs  
Johnny Walker Red  
Johnny Walker Black…  
Johnny Walker Green  
Johnny Walker Gold  
Jack Daniels  
Chivas Regal – 12yrs  
Chivas Regal – 18yrs  
Glen Grant Single Malt  
Glenfiddish – 12yr  
Macallan Elegancia – 12yrs  
Tallisker Single Malt – 10yrs  
Glenlivet – 12yrs  
Macallan 1861 Inspiration  
Glengoyne Single Malt – 21yrs  


Klipdrift Gold  
KWV – 10yrs  
KWV – 20yrs  
Van Ryn’s – 10yrs  

Courvoisier VSOP

Hennessey – 3 Star VS  
Martell – VS  
Martell – VSOP Medallion  
Remy Martin – VSOP  
Olmeca Gold  
Sauza Blanco  
Martini Bianco  
Martini Rosso  
Martini Extra Dry  
Cinzano Bianco  
Apple Sour  
Amaretto Originate  
Bailey’s Irish Cream  
Blue Curacao  
Cointreau Orange  
Crème de Cacao  
Crème de Menthe “Freezo mint”  
Grand Manier  
Kenya Gold  
Madafu Liqueur  
Pimm’s No. 1  
Southern Comfort  
Tia Maria  
Triple Sec  
Nordic Ice (Butter)  
Nordic Ice (Melon)  
Nordic Ice (Strawberry)  
Sambuca – All Flavours  
White rum, mint and lime juice. A refreshing cocktail!
Strawberry Mojito
White rum, mint and strawberries. Lovely!
Tree Tomato  Mojito
White rum, mint and tree tomato juice.
Madafu Mojito
Coconut liqueur, mint and lime juice. It can’t get better than this!
Virgin Mojito
Your traditional mojito without the alcohol…!

Strawberry Daiquiri
A combination of white rum and strawberries on the rocks.

Tree Tomato Daiquiri
An exciting combination of white rum and tree tomato juice.

Martini Dry
Vodka or Gin and Martini, stirred or shaken.
Vodka or Gin and Martini, infused with Olive brine.

Madafu Martini
Vodka, madafu liqueur; stirred or shaken.

Tequila, triple sec and lime juice.            

Tequila, triple sec and mango juice..
Tequila, triple sec and passion juice.
Tequila, triple sec and pineapple juice.

Pina Colada
An exciting blend of coconut cream, Malibu, white rum and pineapple juice.

Virgin Colada
Your traditional Colada without the alcohol.
Blanco’s Cosmos
Vodka, triple sec, berry juice and fresh juice.
Bloody Mary
Vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice and tabasco.
Virgin Bloody Mary
Traditional Bloody Mary without alcohol and perfectly spiced.
Tropical Fruit Punch
A refreshing blend of the day’s fresh juices, fruit chunks and a dash of grenadine syrup.

Chocolate Heaven
Chocolate liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream,Coffee and Ice cream.

Blue Cloud
A fun cocktail of Blue Curacao, White rum and Vanilla Ice cream.
Vanilla Breeze
A double shot of White rum, Mango juice blended with Vanilla Ice cream.
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Vya Kuoka – Slow Cooked/Baked Dishes  

Kuku wa Kuokwa Mazigani
Traditional “kienyeji” chicken and vegetable casserole slow cooked in a traditional earthenware pot.


Kondoo wa Kuokwa Mazigani
Lamb casserole slow cooked in a traditional earthenware pot.

Vya Kukaanga – Fried Dishes  

Matumbo ya Blanco’s
A stir-fry of select tripe with garlic, green and red peppers, onions, bean sprouts, soy sauce and oyster sauces; best served with coconut rice.


Matumbo na Mchicha wa Nazi
Select tripe sautéed in garlic and Amaranths (terere) cooked in coconut milk; best served with sima.


Maini kwa Rojo la Nazi na Kitunguu
Pan fried Ox-liver cooked in a thick spring and red onion coconut sauce.


Tilapia kwa Rojo la Hoho
Flavoursome whole Tilapia or fillet cooked in a bell pepper sauce.

  • Mzima/whole
  • Sarara/fillet

Mchanganyiko Maalum wa Baharini
A seafood sauté of prawns, shark, red snapper fillet and squid cooked in a traditional woks.


Kifua cha Kuku kwa Rojo ya Nazi
Chicken breast cooked in coconut milk and cumin seed, tender and succulent.

Vya Kuchoma – Grilled Dishes  

Kipande cha Kifua cha Kuku
Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mchicha and”mushenye” with a berry sauce.


Kifua cha Kuku na Bekoni
A chicken breast stuffed with cheese and traditional vegetables wrapped with bacon; grilled and served with pumpkin.

Vya Mboga – Vegetarian  

Ndizi za Mkono wa Tembo…………………………………....……………………….
Kampala plantains cooked and served with Blanco’s peanut or tomato sauce.


Viazi Muhogo
A combination of Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava cooked in coconut milk and cardamon seeds.


Mboga Jibini
Cannelloni pasta stuffed with local green vegetables and cheese and covered with sun dried tomatoes and roasted red pepper sauce topped with cheddar cheese.


Mboga za Kukaangwa
A stir-fry of a selection of vegetables from our green grocery tossed in garlic, oyster and soy sauce.


Mboga Swahili
A mixture of vegetables and potatoes and arrowroots in coconut milk cooked the coastal way.


Rojo la Mboga
A mixture of vegetables and cashew nuts cooked in a mild curry sauce to your liking.


Viandalizi – Accompaniments  

All main courses are served with a choice of accompaniments. Prices for accompaniments apply only when being served on their own or for additional servings.


Mseto wa Vibanzi
A medley of French fries, arrowroots and sweet potatoes



  1. Coconut rice
  2. Pilau rice

Vidonge vya Blanco’s

Coated in bread crumbs and deep fried your choice of either;

  1. Mukimo,
  2. Mushenye

Sima- brown/white.
Prepared from maize meal or millet commonly known as Ugali.


Viazi vya Kupondwa
Ask your waiter for the mashed potato of the day!


Mboga za Siku
Vegetables of the day!


A tomato and onion salad with a lime dressing.




Mchanganyiko wa Blanco’s
A mixed platter of Blanco’s favourite accompaniments i.e. mushenye, mukimo, pilau, coconut rice, mseto wa vibanzi and ugali.


Ndizi ya Nazi
A freshly ripe banana coated in desiccated coconut and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Chokoleti Mseto
A mixed spice chocolate cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or fresh cream.


Keki ya Karoti
An individual carrot cake soaked in orange syrup and served with an Amarula crème anglaise.



Brulee` ya Karakara
A lovely passion crème brulee made from black passion fruit.


Chokoleti Mvinyo
A two chocolate (brown and white) mousse prepared with Kenya Gold and topped with vanilla ice-cream.


Saladi ya Matunda
Tropical fruit salad with a ginger based mixed spice syrup.


Choose from our ice cream selection below;

  1. Vanilla
  2. Strawberry
  3. Chocolate
Choose from our sorbet selection below;
    • Lemon
    • Passion
Chai na Kahawa-Teas and Coffees  

Kenyan Coffee (Black or White)


Kenyan Kienyeji Tea
Traditionally made tea mixed with milk.


Spiced Teas
A selection of Masala Tea, Ginger Tea and Lemongrass Tea.


Herbal Teas
Please ask for the flavours available.

Hot Chocolate  
Vinywaji Motomoto-Boozy drinks  

Irish Coffee.
House coffee, Irish Whisky and Fresh whipped cream.


Bailey’s Moto moto.
Bailey’s, Black Tea, Sugar and Fresh whipped cream.


Kipima Joto.
Black Tea, Brandy, Honey and Lime.


Kahawa Kioke
Vodka, Coffee, Sugar and Fresh whipped cream.

Vinywaji Baridi-Cold Drinks  

Iced Coffee (Black or White )


Iced Tea


Iced Herbal Tea

Iced Lemonade  

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